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What is stealing your energy?

Is there something stealing your energy


Is something taking your energy?


Life can be a challenge at times. Some days might feel harder than others. Although we have set goals - on some days - we just can’t manage to fulfill them. Even just getting through the day can seem like a huge mountain to climb.


Why is that so?


Why do we feel so overwhelmed and exhausted?

Are we trying to put too much into one day? Are we keeping our schedule too busy?


The reason behind is simple yet not easy to discover.

We are allowing other people, life situations and even things take energy from us. Just take a minute and think. Are there things you are just putting up with or enduring? Are you working on a huge to-do list without ever getting to the points that are taking your energy?


Try writing it down. Make a list that could look like this:


1) Physical energy stealers:

This could be anything from an unorganized desk or kitchen, things from the past that shouldn’t decorate your home anymore or cloths that are no longer your size or style

2) People:

Which people in your life are using up your time and you feel that you are losing a lot of positive energy? This could be anyone from work, any of your friends or even a family member.

3) Do you really like your style?

The way you look? Do you feel comfortable with your body?

4) Is there anything in the way you handle your life that you feel needs to be changed?

5) Do you have any health problems that might need a check-up or you can even change by living in a healthier way?


Here are some practical examples that could be on a list:

  • The kids' room, untidy and always messy. It won’t let anyone feel good before going to sleep.
  • To listen to friends who gossip and get caught up in their life situation
  • Having no time to wash the car
  • Helping out at the school committee where all parents just seem to talk about their own problems
  • Letting friends continue to talk on the phone although it’s already late and actually bed time
  • Not making a list in order to remember what to do during a busy day
  • Never finishing things that were started
  • Spending time with people who see only problems but no solutions


Looking at this little list, it seems easy to fix. However, if you look at the whole list it is clear that all of those points together can take very much of your energy!


Check out your own list and just think how great it would be if all of your points were sorted.


Start with a couple of points first and then move forward.

Keep it up and don’t put it off.

You will see and feel the difference and you will enjoy the new and improved situation very much.


When you start to take the energy drainers out of your life it will be a whole new world with lots of more energy and time to start doing the things you always wanted to do but were too tired to do so.


If you declutter your life you will see the change for the better. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy your happier life and start today to make a change!