Want to be Happier?

Dear Friends of Justlivehappylife,

Today I want to talk to you about Happiness. The name of this shop gives it away, doesn't it?

Everyone wants happiness but hardly anyone can find it, let alone keep it lasting.

Are the ones who experience happiness the "lucky" ones? Or do you think there is some secret to a happy life?

I want to explore with you the fields of happiness. Let's find out the concept of a happy life and let's try to implement it in our own lives. That doesn't have to be boring. We can still buy lots of fashion items on top of our happy feelings :). That's like a whip cream topping.

Although it might sound simple and maybe you heard it before but have you really thought about which factors in your life are already there that create a basis for happiness? For example a partner, family, a comfortable home? I'm sure you can find some.

A few months ago I had to stay in the hospital for a few days. Suddenly I saw clearly what is important to me and how grateful I can be for all of it.

People tend to see the negative much more than the positive. 

Try to feel deeply grateful for all the good things you already have. With this powerful practice, you can experience the positive change in your mindset.

Realizing what is good in your life is the beginning of a wonderful journey towards a happy life. And of course on this journey, there is always and I mean always room for lots of fun.

You can email me or comment. I'd love to read from you and find out how you feel about it.

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