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Nifty - My New Favorite Word. Will It Be Yours, Too?

Dear Friends of Justlivehappy.com,

Today I want to share my new favorite word with you.

NIFTY! Yes, nifty.

It sounds good and makes me feel even better when I use it. Lots of the things we deal with in daily life are far from being nifty. They are more like "damaged toooo fast", "wasted money", "what is the use of this thing anyway" or have you seriously ever used these curvy shaped melon cutters?

But then there are the nifty ones.

Bags that are actually backpacks and can carry a lot (don't we all need these!!!), Necklaces that are statements, and of course the dress that covers up what we really don't want to show and yet makes us look like a princess! Nifty!

So I am on a mission to find nifty items for you and list them in my shop. Let's all have some more "nifty" in our lives :).

Take care and have fun...and don't forget...JUST LIVE (don't worry just have a ) HAPPY LIFE!

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