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Month of the Rabbit

Hi Friends,

Since this month is dedicated to our long-eared house pets I'd like to give you some information on how to feed them and introduce some products to you that I found which might help you create a nice environment for your rabbit. 

Also, I'd like to introduce some products to you which might help you create a nice environment for your rabbit. 


Rabbits at home


Just like other animals, rabbits enjoy a healthy meal.

A nice mix of hay, vegetables, pellets, as well as fresh water will make your rabbit happy. 


Fresh hay should be readily available at all times.

Hay is important for rabbits: It provides fiber needed for good digestive and dental health.

When choosing hay, make sure it looks and smells fresh. 



A variety of vegetables should be a part of your rabbit’s daily diet.

Feed fresh and pesticide-free veggies.

Wash the vegetables properly before feeding them. 

Do not feed rabbits the leaves from houseplants as many are poisonous. 



Fresh water must be available to your rabbit at all times. 


Make sure they are fresh.

Be careful with the amount you feed since they can be high in protein and can lead to weight gain which can result in health issues. 



Don't feed your rabbit treats like chips and so on.

Fruit is the best option, however, don't feed too much since the sugar can be high in fruits.

Make sure they are washed and pesticides free. 


Here are some product suggestions for your bunny:





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